Thursday, March 31, 2011

Podcast - Capitalism and Morality, Feb 08, 2011

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Originally recorded on February 7th, 2011, Hernan (Nano) Blejer and Travis Cottreau discuss Morality and Capitalism.

Notes and extras:

14 sec:           Idea - Capitalism and morality, are companies moral?
3min 3sec:  Conspiracy theory? Environmental sabotage?
5min 7sec:     No equivalent to the stock market for the environment
8min 9sec:     Richard Dawkins, God of the old testament
8 min 49sec: Giving corporations the status of a person?
12 min 20sec: Companies taking advantage of poverty all over the world
24min 47sec: prophet #1 - David Byrne from The Talkng Heads
25min 29sec: prophet #2 - Adam Smith
27min 12sec: 15000 co-operative companies in Italy. NOTE: Mark Anielsky, the economics of Happiness
30min 21sec: The market as God
30min 54sec: What is God like? She's black.
31min 20sec: Lloyd Geering, "The market as God - you can't go against the market"
34min 10sec: Comments on the film "Inside job", narrated by Matt Damon
34min 57sec: Prophet #3, The Fog of War, interview with Robert McNamara
48min 15sec: John Kenneth Galbraith quote

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  1. Great show! I especially love the brilliant points the guy with the charming accent makes :)
    Would love the subtitle "Deep Down Under" in the Blog as well... maybe even "Deep, Down Under, and Out)
    And BTW, it's John Kenneth Galbraith, with a K . Thanks Travis! Great Blog! :)