Thursday, April 7, 2011

Podcast - Armageddon, Disasters, Libya and humanitarian intervention, March 24th, 2011

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Nano and Travis discuss Armageddon, disasters and current troubles in the Middle East, with specific reference to what SHOULD be acceptable humanitarian intervention.

00min 17sec - 2012 is approaching, hand slapping head
01min 21sec - Wikipedia "misconceptions page"
03min 16sec - Nuclear meltdown - an "expected" end of the world
27min 31sec - Litvinenko (Marina)
34min 03sec - Relevant Simpson's episode - NRA, Homer guns
35min 31sec - Travis tries to make a point about cost and risk analysis, but never gets to his point
36min 50sec - Risk analysis, trading money for safety
37min 09sec - What do we spend money on that we could spend to keep ourselves safe?
38min 16sec - alcohol, weapons, smoking etc... money that could go to making us safe
38min 47sec - economics is never about efficiency, it's about money
39min 43sec - Nuclear risk analysis
41min 06sec - Travis endorses action that leads us to armageddon?
41min 50sec - discuss Libya and the correct use of humanitarian force
54min 25sec - Same powers destroying Libyan infrastructure will be building it again later (Shock Doctrine?)
54min 26sec - Government funded wars/arms sales are good for certain sectors of the economy
56min 14sec - What is acceptable humanitarian intervention in the 21st century? NATO in Libya is NOT it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Podcast - Film and Politics, Mar 07, 2011

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PODCAST AUDIO 15-45 minutes

Nano and Travis talk film and politics through blockbusters, documentaries and TV-shows. How politics influence film, and how film and TV affect politics etc...

0-15 minutes
30 seconds - Star Wars and Emperor Palpatine's project management skills

15-45 minutes
:30 - Reality becoming more cinematographic
:58 - anecdote about John Kerry and George Bush debates concerning cinematography
1:48 - Good looks and the advantages to politicians
5:00 - One of the most cinematographic events in history - 9/11, and its affect on film
6:15 - Pearl Harbour (couldn't remember the producer: Jerry Bruckheimer!)
8:00 - Not "Under Seige", but "The Seige" with Washington/Willis
9:05 - government asking Hollywood script writers for ideas? (found no links on-line)
        - The only references are for Hollywood to produce patriotic films)
11:30 - Pearl Harbour pre-knowledge?
13:10 - Hilter staged a Polish attack on Germany... an example of a false-flag attack.
14:00 - "Loose Change", "Zeitgeist", "War made Easy", political films around current US politics
16:30 - Political message of "Avatar" as a clear representation of current politics\
18:15 - Oliver Stone possibly leading to the election of Clinton
19:05 - "24" paving the way for an African American President
19:45 - "The Fog Of War", interviews with Robert McNamara, the US Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam war.
21:15 - Producing films to influence the country's political views and win elections
22:30 - "Green Zone" - affect on knowledge of Weapons of Mass Destruction